Block by Block

Each city in America is unique. That’s why every security, cleaning, and customer service program we develop is customized so that it accurately represents the needs and personality of your community. That’s because Block by Block not only works for your community, but with it.

As a leading provider of security, cleaning, and customer service personnel for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), our goal is to create a Block by Block team of friendly people that take ownership in their community and its perception.  Our teams are made up of Safety Ambassadors and Cleaning Ambassadors.  These two teams are cross-trained with all of the skills necessary in providing both cleaning and safety services, as well as providing community service in an urban environment. 

Keeping it Safe: Block by Block can custom design a program for your city that uses a combination of visible presence, deterrence and safety information. The visible presence of a team of friendly Safety Ambassadors, who serve as additional eyes and ears for local authorities, will be an asset in helping shape the perception of your downtown area as a safe place to live, work and play.

Keeping it Clean: It’s proven that many urban problems are significantly curbed by the timely removal of litter, weeds and graffiti. By combining the most modern and efficient cleaning equipment with thoroughly trained Cleaning Ambassadors, Block by Block will make a “clean sweep” of improving the outward appearance of your BID.

Putting it All Together: While most companies offer either safety services or cleaning services, Block by Block provides a combined approach for both safety and cleaning. Specific benefits of this concept translate to you in the form of a single point of contact, paralleled training, a unified radio network and a uniformed look for both teams, which helps create awareness and recognition.

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